Melody of Macrame –

Melody of Macrame

One of the many art forms that is making a huge comeback and quite beautifully is Macramé, an art form which consists of an elaborately patterned lace like webbing made of hand knotted cord or yarn. It's origins can be traced back to 13th century Arabic decorative weavers who used the knots to secure loose ends of woven textiles, like shawls and towels. But gradually after gaining some popularity, Macramé saw it's rebirth in the 1970s! Bohemian Culture was synonymous with earthy elements, colors, a mixture of styles, locations and societies. It is true that 70's had a huge role in making Macramé one of the most loved and classic home decor piece. Macramé encouraged housewives to create objects to hang on walls and also for gifting. But, as quickly as it gained the fame, it also lost it and macramé practically didn’t exist by the time the 1980s hit.
Macramé is enjoying a revival in present, as trends shift toward unique and eclectic decor with contemporary artisans, crafters and the designers who keep reshaping this knotted woven art into something new in regards of texture and color to best suit in the modern abode. Just like any art, Macramé is a free spirited art form which doesn't necessarily abide by the rigid rules. They are diverse and remind us of the natural elements when placed in a space. The art form is therapeutic, gives one creative freedom. We at Sarmaya, are too giving back life to this art form in our own unique and mindful ways to beautify one’s lifestyle; walls, dining, garden and even accessories in earthy and pastel tones, handcrafted with all the love and care by our artisan women, our each product speaks of a story etched in the yarns which are woven carefully to perfection. Macramé continues to be an unconventional art form in the present days, from decorative wall hangings to plant holders and coasters, it is diverse and adds the bohemian charm to spaces.

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